Creating a Roadmap for Remodeling Success

Whether you’ve undertaken home remodeling in the past or you’ll be embarking on your first renovation with an upcoming bathroom project, creating a guide to follow is a smart move.

Planning out your remodel is the best way to determine the amount of time and money you can expect to spend from the project’s beginning to its completion. A remodeling roadmap is a valuable tool that will also keep you from getting sidetracked and allow you to make the best choices based on the research you’ve already completed if an unexpected snag does occur.

Determine Your Goals

Before you step into a bath and kitchen showroom, it’s important to first determine the goals you want to reach with your remodel. Do you want to completely transform the look of your bathroom, or are you simply looking to update your faucets, showerheads, and toilets for a more water-conscious household in keeping with today’s most popular styles? Knowing the scope and scale of your project and the type of bathroom you want to create can guide your plans and reduce confusion, wasted time, and unnecessary purchases. Listing out your goals and then developing a plan to reach them will keep your project manageable and always moving forward.

Explore Style Options

Bathroom faucets, vanities, sinks, toilets, tubs, lighting, and accessories are available in an endless array of styles, colors, and finishes. With so many options to consider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed if you don’t develop some bathroom style guidelines for yourself. Take some time to look at your home’s living spaces and determine the colors and styles you like best. Additionally, consider how often you’re able to clean your bathroom and how that might affect the look of certain products—glass and chrome often look best when cleaned frequently, while natural stone and darker metals don’t need such close attention. If you need bathroom inspiration, consider reviewing popular websites or visiting a bathroom showroom to compare and combine products in person and narrow down your preferences.

Budget Your Time

It’s important to have a realistic expectation of not only the financial costs of bathroom remodeling, but the time commitment you’ll have to make as well. Take a look at your calendar to determine the best time of year to complete your project; if you’ll be hosting guests in the near future or a major holiday is just one month away, it’s best to wait until after these events to schedule your bathroom remodel. Once you’ve made your choices with regard to fixtures and materials, check with your supplier to find out whether these products are on hand or must be ordered. It’s always best to start your bathroom remodel once everything you need is available, rather than risking a project slowdown while you wait for a special order to arrive.

We are committed to helping you enjoy your bathroom remodeling experience in Pompano Beach. When you visit our 5,000-square foot showroom, you’ll find all the bathroom accessories, fixtures, and features you need to fit any style and budget, as well as the professional assistance you want with product comparison, pricing, and ordering. Please take a look through our website to learn more about us and the products we offer, or scroll through our blog for more remodeling tips, options, and ideas.

Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling a bathroom is one of the smartest economical decisions you can make for your Pompano Beach home. Bathroom remodels rank among some of the most cost-effective home projects, often returning more than 50% of the money you spend if you sell your home in the future. However, bathroom remodeling is a complex process, and there are many common mistakes that homeowners make, especially during their first remodeling project. Avoiding these simple yet easy-to-make mistakes will not only improve your remodeling experience, but ensure that every dollar you spend on your renovation returns the greatest value as well.

Developing a Plan as You Go

If you’re ready for a new bathroom, it might be tempting to get started with the demolition right away, then pick and choose your vanity, tub, mirror, and finishes as the project progresses. However, this method will only increase the amount of time and money spent on the job, as well as raise your frustration levels throughout the project. Furthermore, choosing the finishes and features you want at different times runs the risk of creating a visually disparate bathroom that won’t accomplish the end goal you have in mind. The very best way to complete a bathroom remodeling project is by taking the time to plan out your new bathroom’s layout and picking the features and accessories you want before scheduling a demolition date.

Sacrificing Value for Cost

While there are many ways to reduce the cost of your bathroom remodel, sacrificing value for cost is a common mistake that you should avoid. Purchasing poor-quality products because they are cheaper won’t save you money in the end—lower-end products won’t last as long and will need replacement more frequently, and may even be prone to failures that cause costly property damage. Similarly, opting for materials that aren’t meant for the bathroom means taking a risk that they will become water-damaged with time and use. The best way to ensure you aren’t getting less just to meet your budgetary concerns is to talk to your bathroom showroom staff about the options available to you. Choosing simpler options with high-quality construction or changing up your material selections to a lower-cost but effective product can help you save money without worrying about the other sacrifices you might be making.

Choosing Inappropriately-Sized Features

The size of your bathroom should dictate the size of the features you install. A large master bathroom can accommodate a spacious shower and a large soaking bathtub, but a small powder room may benefit best from a low-profile pedestal sink and a slim, space-saving toilet. Choosing fixtures that are too large or too small for your bathroom will affect the visual proportions of the room, as well as hinder the convenience of everyday use. Make sure to get accurate measurements of the room and draw out an overhead floor plan to ensure that the products you’ve chosen will not only fit well visually in the space available, but also allow for proper use. This simple trick will help you avoid situations such as a door that can’t fully open or a bathroom vanity that blocks access to the toilet.

If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, we can help. Our plumbing and bathroom showroom has everything you need to choose the fixtures and features that will work best in your space, from a large-scale master bathroom renovation to a small powder room update. You can visit us online to check out our inventory, or read through our blog for more helpful bathroom renovating tips.

What Makes a Bathroom Beautiful?

Remodeling your bathroom is a great way to turn an outdated eyesore into a beautiful feature that enhances the overall value of your home. If you’re drawn to images of large, luxurious bathrooms that are designed with elegance and comfort in mind, incorporating the features you see in these designs into your bathroom during the remodeling process can help you recreate these spaces in your own home for a little bit of paradise right on your own property.


The right lighting configuration is important when setting the mood in your bathroom, but the light fixtures you choose also play a part in the larger scheme of this space. Luxurious lighting solutions such as chandeliers and sconces set the mood with style by contributing beauty and class to the overall design of your bathroom. Adjustable lighting is ideal for a beautiful bathroom space, allowing you to adjust the color and light levels for a completely customizable glow. Using lights to highlight your bathroom’s best features, such as your luxurious freestanding bathtub or your large, intricately-framed vanity mirror, will draw the eye to these elements and ensure they truly stand out from the background.


The materials and finishes you choose for your bathroom will influence the overall look and feel of the room. Some of the most popular high-end finishes for a beautiful bathroom include marble, granite, metal, porcelain, glass, and wood. Mixing and matching these materials can help you create a space that feels organic and soft, rather than cold and imposing. Natural stone can turn countertops, flooring, and shower or tub surrounds into durable and beautiful works of art with a completely unique look. Polished chrome provides a classical look, but requires regular cleaning to look its best—brushed nickel and oiled bronze will continue to look beautiful even if you clean them less often, especially if your home has hard water. Installing a glass shower enclosure will allow you to show off a custom shower surround and increase the amount of perceived space in the room for a bathroom that is both beautiful and inviting.


Accessories are the finishing touches on any bathroom project. Once you’ve completed the hard work of bathroom remodeling, filling this room with beautiful and luxurious accessories will turn it into a softer, more personalized place that you’ll love using every day. Many of today’s most popular luxury bathroom designs include features such as framed artwork, plush high-quality towels, decorative trays or stands, and bright floral arrangements. Ensuring that everyday items such as your soap dish, toothbrush holder, and trash can all match will improve the look of your space and create visual harmony, especially in a smaller bathroom. Adding a large area rug will not only increase traction and reduce the incidence of cold feet, but also add softness, color, and texture to your bathroom’s finished design.

A beautiful bathroom is within your reach, and we want to help you achieve this goal. We are pleased to carry the fixtures and accessories you need to create a customized luxury bathroom in Pompano Beach, including the high-quality brands you trust: THG Paris, Axor, Sigma, and Duravit. You can find out more about us or find project inspiration and additional blog articles on our comprehensive website.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Your Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom remodeling is all about creating a bathroom that fits your needs and improves the value of your home. With many potential options available to you during a remodeling project, it can be difficult to find the best starting point or even determine the scope of your project. As you begin thinking about your bathroom remodel, asking yourself a few key questions can help you get a better idea of the space you want to create and the best way to accomplish your goals.

How Do I Want to Use My Bathroom?

Bathroom remodeling gives you the opportunity to potentially rebuild your bathroom from the ground up. The best way to begin this process is by asking yourself how you want to use your bathroom. A bathroom’s purpose plays a large role in its design and its functionality—are you remodeling a master bathroom where you want the ability to escape your daily stresses, or are you renovating a family powder room that sees heavy everyday use? The purpose of your bathroom will dictate the features that are absolutely essential, such as whether the space needs a shower or tub, as well as the best layout for the fixtures you install to maximize space and improve convenience.

How Many People Will Use This Space?

Your bathroom should provide enough storage and functional space for each occupant that you foresee using this room. Master bathrooms in particular are typically designed with two occupants in mind, and often include features that allow for privacy if both individuals want to use this space at once, such as a water closet or shower partition. If you have multiple children at home that share a bathroom or you often host guests, you may also want to consider adding double sinks and extra storage in the other bathrooms in your home as well. These simple considerations can make every bathroom even more functional and welcoming by giving each occupant the space they need to feel comfortable, even when sharing limited square footage.

What Is the Style of My Home?

The decorative style of your home will influence the best decorative style for your bathroom as well. When bathrooms are out of stylistic sync with your home, they create disharmony with the rest of your living spaces. Thus, determining the style of your home and bringing these features and schemes into your bathroom is the best way to ensure your newly-remodeled space blends with the rest of your house for added beauty and value. Regardless of the atmosphere you want to create in your bathroom, there are many ways to incorporate luxury, convenience, and functionality in a style that meshes with the existing aesthetics in your home.

The perfect bathroom begins with the right building blocks. Our decorative plumbing showroom in Pompano Beach has everything you need to create a bathroom space that perfectly suits your needs, from luxurious and spa-like master baths to functional and modern powder rooms. Please visit our website to find out more about our selection of bathroom faucets, sinks, tubs, and shower systems, or click through our past library of blog articles for the tips and inspiration you’re after to make your bathroom remodeling project a success.

Selecting a Color Scheme for Your Bathroom

Colors can influence both the appearance and the atmosphere of a room, ultimately working to create the environment you want. In the bathroom, color is everywhere—it’s in the color of your flooring and your walls, as well as in your hardware, your fixtures, your toilet, your tub, and your shower surround. Regardless of whether you want to construct a spa-like retreat for special occasions or a functional everyday space, your choice of color scheme is important. Taking the time to determine the setting you want your bathroom to provide and examining the colors you use throughout the rest of your home will help you choose the best color scheme for your newly-remodeled bathroom.

Popular Bathroom Colors and Palettes

The best palette for your bathroom begins with the purpose of the room. A relaxing space should feature soothing or dark colors, while a space that’s designed to help you get through your morning routine or is frequented by family members throughout the day can benefit from brighter, bolder colors. Some of the most popular colors that homeowners choose for luxury high-end bathrooms include dark browns, wines, forest greens, and deep blues. Neutral colors such as whites, beiges, and grays are also popular in elegant and spa-like master baths, and are the best choices if you are remodeling your bathroom prior to putting your home on the market. Busier bathrooms that see more energetic daily use, such as ground-floor family bathrooms and guest powder rooms, often include brighter colors such as bright blues, yellows, and greens. Painted or tiled patterns also work well in these spaces, creating visual interest that keeps the mind engaged and makes a small everyday bathroom more appealing and fun.

Following and Breaking the Rules

Regardless of the bathroom you’re renovating, it’s important to know when to follow the rules and when to break them. While brighter colors typically increase the spatial appearance of a room and work well in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms, an already spacious master bathroom can incorporate any color scheme you like, simply because this room doesn’t need help feeling large. The amount of natural light your bathroom receives can also play a role in your color choices. Bright color choices will catch and reflect light to make a small bathroom look inviting, but a small bathroom with significant natural light can utilize dark colors without danger of feeling too enclosed. If your home’s style is eclectic or industrial, breaking the color rules in your bathroom is also a great way to help this space blend in with your home’s larger decorative scheme. Alternatively, more contemporary or traditional homes typically stick to the established color rules more closely during bathroom renovations to achieve a more balanced and integrated look.

Choosing your bathroom’s new color scheme is one of the most enjoyable parts of planning a remodeling project. We can help you plan for your bathroom remodel with a full selection of bathroom products, including bathroom faucets, sinks, vanities, showers, tubs, and accessories. If you’d like to learn more about our inventory or check out some of our past projects, please stop by our website; you’ll also find more excellent information and inspiration on our monthly blog.

Exploring Your Bathroom Mirror Options

Mirrors play an integral part in any bathroom’s design. The right mirror will complement the look and function of your bathroom vanity, providing a stylistic feature that meets your daily needs. Mirrors also increase light and expand the visual impression of a space, helping even a small bathroom to feel larger and more welcoming. When it comes to choosing your bathroom mirrors, there are no unbreakable rules—while mirrors often incorporate the same stylistic choices used in the rest of the bathroom, a mirror that deviates from this style and functions as a standalone piece is also a great way to enhance the overall appeal of your bathroom.

Mirror Placement

The vast majority of modern bathrooms incorporate at least one wall-hung vanity mirror for convenience and usability. A vanity mirror provides everyday function and can consist of a single large mirror or multiple smaller mirrors mounted over each sink, depending on the style you prefer or even your bathroom remodeling budget. In addition to wall-hung mirrors, standalone mirrors such as small countertop or large full-length mirrors are also popular bathroom additions. These mirrors can offer greater versatility and an improved view for specific functions, such as makeup application, shaving, or dressing.

Mirror Framing

Both framed and unframed mirrors are popular in modern bathrooms. Unframed mirrors provide a clean, streamlined look; these mirrors can sit flush against the wall, or may be mounted in brackets that provide some space between the mirror and the wall for a more three-dimensional effect. Frameless mirrors are often used in contemporary and industrial-styled bathrooms. By contrast, framed mirrors are more frequently used in luxury bathroom design, and frames range from simple panels to intricately-styled options that convert a mirror from a functional object into a highly-visible decorative accessory. For a mirror that blends in with your bathroom’s décor, a frame that matches your vanity in style, color, or finish is often best; if you want to use your mirror as a standout piece, opt for a frame in a style or color that contrasts with the rest of the choices you’ve made throughout your bathroom.

Mirror Features

While a basic mirror is simply a reflective surface you can use to check your appearance, style your hair, or apply personal care products, mirrors are available with a wide range of extra features that can further improve their functionality. Lighted mirrors incorporate additional lighting into the frame, increasing visibility for delicate tasks when necessary. Similarly, magnifying mirrors make personal grooming much easier, whether you simply require a detailed view or you normally wear corrective lenses and can benefit from a little additional assistance. Extension and pivot mirrors are great additions for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with large, extended vanities and countertops, allowing you to bring the mirror closer to you and tilt it at any angle to achieve the very best view.

We carry a huge selection of mirrors and brackets to ensure you have the choices you need to personalize your bathroom during any major or minor bathroom remodeling project. You can take a look at the products we carry on our website, including hardware, plumbing, and vanities, or check out our past blog articles to discover more helpful advice and information if you’re getting ready to undergo a bathroom remodel in Pompano Beach, FL.

Designing Your Dream Shower

A personalized shower is the perfect finishing touch on your bathroom remodeling plans. There are a wide variety of shower styles and amenities you can add to create a space that is suited to exactly your needs and preferences, whether you’re rinsing off quickly or spending some dedicated time pampering your skin and hair. Knowing the options available to you and how some of today’s most popular features can increase the value of your bathroom and your home post-remodel is the very best way to ensure you get the dream shower you want and the functional bathing space you need.

Shower Size and Configuration

Showers are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. Standalone showers are extremely popular, particularly in master bathrooms and smaller secondary bathrooms, but a combination bathtub and shower is also a great space-saving solution if you want both options in a single room but can’t accommodate separate features. The size of your shower should allow you to move and bathe comfortably without feeling cramped, and larger showers often feature a bench for comfort and added storage. Enclosed showers contain splashes but can maintain the open look of your bathroom with glass walls and doors, while open and curbless showers eliminate the tripping hazard associated with a threshold and can further increase the open feeling of space in your bathroom to create the look you want.

Manual or Digital Technology

Today, homeowners can choose between manual and digital shower controls. Manual controls such as handles, levers, and knobs offer a classic look and allow any occupant to quickly and easily adjust the temperature and volume of the shower spray. Digital technology is quickly expanding the customizable showering experience with programmable control panels that allow you to customize your showers and will even save multiple users’ personal presets for exactly the shower you want at the touch of a button. Wireless lighting and audio systems can take your shower to the next level, allowing you to instantly control the environment in which you shower for an upbeat way to start the morning or a relaxing experience to end the day.

Shower and Steam Capabilities

Modern showers have become more than simply a place to quickly rinse off. Premium shower fixtures have evolved to include a variety of functions and features, including customizable spray patterns, adjustable spray intensities, handheld massaging showerheads, and steam capabilities. The type of hardware you opt to install in your shower can turn your daily shower into a relaxing and customized experience that relaxes and soothes both your body in mind so you’ll step out from under the spray feeling completely refreshed. His-and-her showerheads can increase the convenience of your bathroom if your shower is always in demand, while a point-of-use tankless water heater will ensure you never run out of hot water or waste energy associated with water heating while your shower isn’t in use.

Are you ready to begin designing your dream shower near Pompano Beach? Our decorative plumbing showroom carries everything from showerheads and shower drains to slider bars and multifunction control systems. We invite you to take a look through our shower systems and accessories on the web, where you’ll also find more information about the benefits of bathroom remodeling and how to choose the best features for your new bathroom on our blog.

Why You Shouldn’t Skimp on Bathroom Ventilation

Ventilation plays a vital role in the bathroom, helping to remove moisture and maintain an ideal environment for occupants at all times. However, homeowners often overlook this important feature or leave ventilation considerations for last during the bathroom remodeling process. Understanding how ventilation fits into the overall function of your bathroom space and how to choose ventilation that meets both your needs and preferences will help you design a bathroom that will truly cater to your comfort.

Bathroom Ventilation Basics

When you shower or bathe, steam created by evaporating water raises the ambient humidity in the air. Because bathrooms are small, enclosed rooms that are typically occupied with the door shut, airborne moisture often becomes trapped, condensing on the surfaces in the room. While the materials used in bathroom vanities, flooring, and tub or shower surrounds are designed for resistance to moisture, excessive moisture can still cause damage over time, particularly when it develops on drywall or penetrates beneath flooring or into insulation. If your bathroom features a real wood vanity, it may also be susceptible to warping or damage from high moisture levels. Greater humidity will make the room feel warmer and wetter as well, which can cause discomfort if humidity levels rise too high. Bathroom ventilation is designed to improve airflow for both comfort and to protect the surfaces of your bathroom by removing moisture and encouraging cooler, drier air to enter the room. This function is essential to protect your surfaces, prevent mold and pests, and ensure you enjoy your bathing experience in complete comfort.

Bathroom Ventilation Options

Ceiling-mounted bathroom exhaust fans are the most common form of bathroom ventilation. These fans are designed specifically to remove moist air from the room to prevent rot, mold, and mildew. While older models are associated with loud, rattling function that many homeowners hate, today’s top products are able to operate so quietly that you may not hear the fan at all. This advancement in technology is significant—not only will a quieter fan improve your bathing experience, it will also encourage you to run the fan more often. If you rarely run your bathroom exhaust fan because it is so annoying, it’s not meeting your needs and potentially putting the money you’ve invested in your bathroom at risk. Choosing a high-quality fan that provides the function you need at a noise level that isn’t disruptive is thus a vital step during your bathroom remodeling project. Traditional ceiling fans can also be installed in the bathroom to improve airflow and increase comfort. While removing moist air via an exhaust fan will help to keep the room cool, exhaust fans do not necessarily improve air circulation within the room. If you’re designing a luxurious bathroom meant for long-term occupation and comfort, adding a traditional ceiling fan can help you keep this room more comfortable. Choosing a ceiling fan rated against moisture is the best solution for bathroom installation to ensure the bearings and motor provide the function you expect for years to come.

Proper ventilation will help to protect the value of your investment and create the ideal environment in your newly-updated bathroom spaces. When you visit our kitchen and bathroom website online, you’ll discover a wide variety of hardware, accessories, and more, including ENERGY STAR-rated ceiling-mounted fans and lights. You can also check out our additional blog articles in our archive for more important remodeling advice and tips.