The Basics of Updating Your Bathroom

Old, outdated bathrooms are an eyesore that detract from the overall appeal of your home. Updating these spaces will not only reduce wasted time and resources, but also increase your daily enjoyment of these spaces and increase your home’s resale value for benefits that you’ll see for years to come. Even if you don’t have the budget or the time for a major bathroom remodel, there are several budget-conscious ways to update this space in a matter of days for a breathtaking transformation you’ll love.

Add Color

Color is one of the most important aspects of a room, but it is often ignored in the bathroom. Particularly in older homes, bathroom materials and décor typically feature bland neutral or all-white palettes. While these combinations were meant to feel timeless, they have become dated as bathrooms have been elevated to spaces that feature just as much style as the rest of your home. Today’s bathrooms incorporate schemes that mix several colors and patterns for maximum contrast and personality. Adding color is a great way to quickly and dramatically update your bathroom to create a space that is more unique and more appealing. Wallpaper or paint can completely change the personality of your bathroom, while painting, staining, or replacing your bathroom vanity and countertop will turn this feature into a standout piece that is modern and fun.

Match Your Hardware and Fixtures

Vanity hardware and fixtures such as faucets and showerheads are the finishing touches on any bathroom decorating scheme. When these features are outdated or poorly matched, they’ll create a sense of visual dissonance in the room that can affect its appeal and value. Replacing hardware, faucets, showerheads, towel rods, hooks, and even doorknobs with products that feature the same style and finish will tie the entire space together for a room that looks cohesive and complete. If you’re looking to create a bathroom that feels bright, open, and airy, polished chrome fixtures are a great choice to maximize light and reflectivity. Alternatively, a more spa-like or contemporary bathroom may benefit from darker finishes such as oil-rubbed bronze or brushed nickel.

Replace Your Mirror

While your bathroom mirror should absolutely offer excellent functionality, it needn’t lack style at the same time. If your bathroom features a single large, flat sheet of glass, it’s time to consider a more stylized option that blends more seamlessly with your décor. Choosing a framed or shaped mirror allows you to match this highly-visible feature with the other choices you’ve made for your bathroom in terms of color and style. Replacing a single large mirror over a his-and-hers vanity with two separate mirrors or swapping out a rectangular mirror for a circular or hourglass-shaped piece can instantly bring your bathroom up to date.

An updated and appealing bathroom can change the way you feel about this everyday space, helping you create a more cohesive and personalized home. We are here to help you achieve your bathroom remodeling goals in Pompano Beach with today’s most popular and high-quality bathroom fixtures and accessories, including mirrors, faucets, sinks, vanities, and tubs. You can find out more about the products and brand we carry by browsing our website, or explore additional tips and ideas to update and personalize your bathroom on our blog.

Finding Inspiration for Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Bathroom remodeling is an excellent investment in your comfort and your home. If finding the right design inspiration feels like a challenge, there are several avenues you can pursue to discover ideas and options that speak to your personal sense of style. Whether you want to create a cozy cottage-style bathroom or a sleek and modern spa-like space, finding the perfect decorative inspiration will get your remodeling project off to the right start.

Browse Home Improvement Sites

One of the easiest places to start when looking for bathroom remodeling inspiration is the internet. Looking through home improvement websites allows you to quickly identify your decorative style preferences and narrow down the type of bathroom features and décor you prefer. Once you’ve found a general style you like, such as classical, eclectic, rustic, or industrial, start performing more narrow searches with these terms to find ideas and inspiration within these style formats. If you plan to perform most of the work yourself, you’ll also want to look at DIY sites for tips and advice about certain features or materials to determine the level of difficulty you’ll be facing. Browsing tips from homeowners and even contractors that have the benefit of experience can help you avoid mistakes and make better choices for a smoother and less stressful remodeling experience.

Visit a Bathroom Showroom

While it’s possible to find a wealth of ideas and information online or in magazines, there is no substitute for viewing potential bathroom layouts and styles in person. Looking at staged pictures on a screen or page is a great start, but an image simply can’t give you a real sense of space or texture. Visiting a bathroom showroom is one of the best ways to view some of the most popular and stylish bathroom fixtures, features, and accessories in a realistic and relatable setting. When you walk through a showroom, you’ll get a better idea of the size, color, and texture of the materials, finishes, and fixtures you’re considering, which will allow you to make a more informed choice based on a realistic view of the products you like best. If you’re having trouble choosing between two finishes, colors, or materials, handling these products in a bathroom showroom can also help you to make a more confident and appropriate final choice.

Your dream bathroom should suit your daily needs while showing off your unique style and personality. If you’re looking for inspiration to guide your bathroom remodeling project, we invite you to visit our luxury bathroom showroom in Pompano Beach to explore our selection of bathtubs, showers, faucets, vanities, and accessories to find the options that best suit your home. We’re also pleased to offer additional ideas and tips on our comprehensive website, where you’ll find our project gallery, inspiration style guide, and blog library of past articles.

How to Decorate Your Bathroom Like a Pro

After your bathroom remodeling project is complete, adding bathroom accessories and décor is the final step in creating a new and updated space. Bathroom decorating can feel challenging at times, particularly in little-used rooms or in spaces where you’d like to try a style that differs from the décor in the rest of your home. Keep reading to discover a few tried-and-true tricks that will boost your bathroom’s appeal and create a relaxing and personalized atmosphere that and feels professional.

Eliminate Clutter

While choosing decorative accessories for your bathroom is fun, it’s also easy to get carried away when purchasing jars, baskets, boxes, trays, candles, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and more. Placing all these items on display at once can create unnecessary clutter that detracts from the overall atmosphere of your bathroom. For maximum effect, limit the number of items you place on your vanity or around your bathtub to ensure your bathroom remains open, organized, and clutter-free. The size of your space does play a role in the number of items you can comfortably display—while a larger bathroom vanity can accommodate several items while still offering ample space, a smaller vanity will start to feel cluttered much more quickly. If you find several bathroom accessories you love but don’t have enough space to display them without creating clutter, consider rotating them by season to show off each item without overcrowding your space.

Choose an Area to Highlight

Interior decorators often achieve the style they want by choosing a specific area of each room to highlight. In the bathroom, this area may be your vanity, your shower, or even your floor. Once you’ve selected the area you want to feature, draw visual focus in this direction with linens, accessories, and lighting. You’ll also want to use this area for inspiration when choosing the rest of your décor by incorporating its color or style into the decorative choices you make for the rest of the room. Hanging linens with colors found in your shower surround or setting out baskets and jars in the same style as your vanity will tie the decorative scheme of your bathroom back into your focal piece.

Turn Necessities into Art

A beautiful bathroom is both functional and visually pleasing. The key to decorating your bathroom like a pro is turning your necessities into artfully-arranged displays that look both purposeful and appealing. Trays and risers are a great way to display bath necessities as though they were decorative accessories, while boxes, jars, and baskets contain and organize small items or hand towels with stylistic flair. A covered trash can designed to look like a vase or basket is the perfect way to hide this unsightly necessity inside a much more stylish container. Taking the time to hang your towels in neatly-folded layers will add color and texture to your bathroom that keeps it looking neat and organized for added appeal.

Our showroom serving Pompano Beach has everything you need to create a professionally-styled bathroom in your own home. You’ll find exactly the bathroom accessories and inspiration you need when you visit our website, where we also host a monthly bathroom blog with added decorating and bathroom remodeling tips.

Spotlight On: Updating Three-Quarter Baths

A traditional three-quarter bath is a bathroom that incorporates a sink, toilet, and shower. Three-quarter baths can act as a home’s primary or secondary bathroom, offering a functional everyday space that includes a comfortable area for bathing as well. Although three-quarter bathrooms are slightly smaller than full bathrooms, their smaller size makes these areas the perfect place to get the most bang for your buck during a bathroom update or remodel. Making just a few small changes or upgrades to your three-quarter bath can have a significant effect on its appearance and functionality, offering excellent returns on your investment.

Focus on the Shower

Three-quarter bathrooms never include a bathtub, but always include a shower. Today, showers have surpassed bathtubs in terms of both bathing efficiency and preference, making this the perfect feature on which to focus during a three-quarter bathroom remodeling project. Walk-in and curbless showers allow the bathroom to flow directly into the shower for a visually larger and more appealing space. Enclosed showers that feature frameless glass doors can also create a light, airy atmosphere, especially in a smaller three-quarter bath. Inside the shower, consider adding a small bench or multifunction showerhead to create a relaxing bathing experience tailored to exactly your needs and preferences. A versatile shower that provides adequate seating, storage, and adjustability will increase the value of this bathroom and allow each user to enjoy this room to the fullest.

Choose Bold Textures and Patterns

Texture and pattern are excellent ways to add depth and interest to your bathroom. Smaller spaces such as three-quarter baths often benefit from bold textures and patterns, which can actually make the room feel larger and leave a lasting positive impression. Adding textured tiles as part of your shower surround or using a striking wallpaper pattern on the walls can imbue your three-quarter bath with added personality that sets the perfect background for your chosen fixtures and décor. If you’re hesitant to choose a wallpaper with a large or overstated pattern, subtle patterns and textures can still have the desired effect for a more understated bathroom.

Fit the Features to the Space

Fitting the bathroom features you choose to the space available will achieve the best results in terms of both function and aesthetics. When features are too large for the available space, they can make a bathroom feel cramped and poorly laid out. Conversely, fixtures that are too small will make your bathroom feel underdeveloped and inadequate. Choosing sinks, vanities, mirrors, and faucets that fit the space available will ultimately ensure that your bathroom appears more balanced and inviting. Especially in a smaller bathroom space, a vanity or sink with a long but narrow profile will create the feeling of a larger, more spacious bathroom that is easy to move through and comfortable to use on an everyday basis.

Are you getting ready to redecorate or renovate a three-quarter bathroom in your home? Our Pompano Beach showroom has everything you need to create a beautiful and functional space that will add value to your home today and in the future. You can click through our website for a closer look at our past bathroom projects, style inspiration, and full product list; you’ll also find more information and advice to create an ideal bathroom on our blog.

A Look at Today’s Most Popular Showerhead Styles

In the past, showerheads were simple fixtures with one purpose: provide a steady stream of water for fast, efficient bathing. Today, however, showerheads have evolved into versatile and efficient tools that can improve the value, comfort, and convenience of your bathroom by providing a personalized and even luxurious showering experience. If you’re planning a home shower update of any size or scale, getting to know more about today’s most popular showerhead styles and how to choose the right fixture for your needs will help you get greater benefits and returns from your project.

Handheld Showerheads

Handheld showerheads are versatile bathroom fixtures that can be clipped overhead for a traditional standing shower or detached from the wall and held in one hand for greater ease and convenience. These showerheads are ideal for individuals with mobility concerns or senior citizens who want a safer, more comfortable high-quality bathing experience. Handheld showerheads are also available with several luxury features that all bathers can enjoy, including massage, pulse, low-flow, and pause modes. These showerheads work well in walk-in showers with large benches, allowing homeowners to take maximum advantage of in-shower seating.

Rainfall Showerheads

Rainfall or rain showerheads have quickly grown to become synonymous with a luxury bathing experience. These showerheads are designed to provide a vertical fall of low-pressure water that simulates a natural rainstorm, and often feature a large area with a higher density of perforations than smaller, classically-styled showerheads. Rainfall showerheads can be mounted on articulated arms that allow users to tilt, raise, or lower the showerhead for a more personalized shower. These fixtures are popular in large, spa-style bathrooms, but can also turn any shower or tub into an elegant and upscale bathing area.

Aerating Showerheads

Water-conscious bathers can enjoy a comfortable showering experience while reducing water usage with aerating or low-flow showerheads. These showerheads mix air with incoming water to lower the amount of water actually used during a shower without compromising flow speed or comfort. Today’s most efficient aerating showerheads use two gallons or less per minute to generate comfortable showering conditions. This can cut down on water waste significantly, allowing the average family to save nearly 3,000 gallons of water each year, simply by switching out older or less-efficient showerheads.

Classic Showerheads

Classic showerheads are permanently affixed to the wall or ceiling of your shower by a short arm. These fixtures are often used in basic or traditionally-styled bathrooms, and feature low-cost options that can help you reduce your bathroom remodeling budget by providing a simple and functional shower feature where it’s needed. However, modern classic showerheads are also available with an endless array of features and functions to dress them up and enhance your daily shower. Some of the most popular add-on features include LED lighting, built-in Bluetooth speakers, adjustable spray patterns and pressures, and even steam functions.

We are pleased to offer an amazing selection of showerheads, faucets, and more at our extensive showroom in Pompano Beach. Our inventory includes today’s top brands, such as Axor, Barclay, Dornbracht, Gessi, and Toto, to ensure you get premium value and craftsmanship for every dollar spent on your bathroom remodeling project. Please check us out on the web to explore our full blog library or find additional information about our products, services, and staff.

Remodeling Your Bathrooms to Sell Your Home

Bathrooms are an everyday necessity that contribute to the overall value and appeal of your home. If you’re getting ready to sell your property, you may wonder whether renovating or updating your bathrooms is a worthwhile investment. In addition to recouping much of the cost of bathroom remodeling in your home’s final sale price, updated bathroom spaces can also help you sell your home much faster, reducing both the stress and any added costs that can accumulate the longer your home remains on the market. The key to getting the greatest returns on a bathroom remodel with the aim of selling your home is minimizing your costs while maximizing the final appeal of your bathroom for homebuyers.

Update Your Fixtures

If you’re looking for the ideal low-cost but big-impact solution to increase the appeal of your bathrooms, updating your fixtures is a great first step. Replacing your bathroom faucets and showerheads can instantly boost the convenience and comfort of this space, especially if your bathroom hasn’t been updated in ten years or more. Modern showerheads and faucets are not only more efficient than ever before, they’re also available in a wide variety of styles and finishes to add beauty as well as function to your bathroom for a more luxurious space.

Add Storage Space

Storage space is always at a premium in any home, and is particularly valuable in the bathroom. Especially if your home doesn’t feature large linen closets, increasing the storage capacity of your bathroom will appeal to homebuyers who are concerned about storing towels, cleaning supplies, and other items out of sight. Boosting your bathroom storage is easy with options such as shelving and modern bathroom vanities that feature ample and often specialized drawers and cabinets for makeup and other grooming supplies. Adding storage in your bathroom can also improve your home staging plan by providing space for you to keep your personal toiletries out of sight during walkthroughs.

Accessorize Your Space

The right bathroom accessories can transform any space into a modern and luxurious environment. Accessories can make or break a space, adding beauty and class when they mesh with the decorative style of faucets and other fixtures or detracting from major bathroom improvements when towel bars or lighting appear worn or out of date. New towel bars, wall or door hooks, mirrors, and linens can quickly and easily update your bathroom for minimal cost. Especially if your current bathroom hardware and décor has seen better days, making a small investment in fresh new accessories will have a positive and transformative effect on the rest of your space.

If you’re considering a bathroom update to help your home sell faster, we have everything you need to complete this project quickly and at low cost. We invite you to click through our extensive inventory of bathroom fixtures and accessories on the web, where you’ll find today’s most popular and trusted brands in bathroom faucets, showerheads, bathtubs, and more. If you’re looking for additional tips and inspiration to ensure your project proceeds smoothly, please stop by our blog for more helpful bathroom renovation ideas and articles.

A Look at a Basic Bathroom Remodeling Timeline

Bathroom remodeling projects range from simple bathroom faucet and fixture updates to complete renovations that change the fundamental layout of the room. Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to remodel your bathroom will depend on the type of changes you want to make. Understanding the amount of time you should budget for each step of the bathroom remodeling process can help you better estimate how long you can expect your bathroom remodeling project to require. Once you’ve created your estimate, it’s also a good idea to add one week to your final expected completion time, simply to accommodate unforeseen challenges or other potential issues.

Designing Your New Bathroom

Designing the bathroom you want to create is the first step in any bathroom remodeling project. The length of time this process requires depends on whether you have a vision in mind, or whether you simply want a change but aren’t sure how to achieve it. The best way to minimize planning time and get the results you want is to work with an experienced bathroom contractor and bathroom supplier. Taking advantage of these services can streamline the design and selection process so you can get started much sooner. On average, it takes one to four weeks to complete this process, from developing your ideal bathroom design to choosing the features, fixtures, and materials for your new bathroom.

Demolition and Preparation

Once you’ve got a step-by-step plan for your new bathroom, it’s time to prepare the space for its update. Depending on the extent of the remodeling project you’re planning, your contractors may need time for demolition and the removal of old features and fixtures. This process typically takes about a week from beginning to end for larger remodels, but can take just one to two days if you’re planning a more minor update to replace some features but plan to leave the majority of your bathroom’s fixtures in place.

Plumbing and New Materials Installation

The bulk of your bathroom remodeling project consists of installing features such as plumbing, flooring, vanities, showers, and bathtubs. If you’re making major changes to your bathroom that require new plumbing or electrical work, these steps will typically take five to seven days to complete if no problems are uncovered. Adding drywall typically takes two to three days, and painting often takes just a single day to complete in a smaller room such as a bathroom. Tiling typically takes two days, while carpentry and cabinetry to install a new vanity can be completed in one to two days. Installing and hooking up new fixtures, toilets, and other features should take approximately two days to complete once the new plumbing accommodations are in place.

Our showroom staff can help you save time and money on your bathroom remodel by providing the knowledgeable assistance you need to evaluate your options and make the right choices. We are pleased to offer a wide variety of bathroom accessories and fixtures, including bathroom faucets, bathroom sinks, bathtubs, showers, and vanities. You can get started on your bathroom renovation today when you stop by our showroom or check us out online, where you’ll also find additional tips to keep your bathroom remodel on track and under budget on our blog.

Busting Bathroom Remodeling Myths

The concept of bathroom remodeling is surrounded by myths and misunderstandings. Especially if you’ve never completed a home renovation before, you may have difficulty separating myth from truth when it comes to redesigning and renovating your bathroom. Keep reading to learn more about a few of the most common bathroom remodeling myths and discover the truth about the benefits associated with the right bathroom update.

MYTH: Bathroom remodeling will break the bank.

Bathroom remodels are often associated with extremely high costs. While it’s true that a comprehensive luxury bathroom remodel can cost tens of thousands of dollars, there are many ways you can renovate and remodel a bathroom for much less. The single largest bathroom remodeling expense is making major changes such as moving your vanity, sink, toilet, tub, or shower.

Therefore, one of the simplest ways to save during your bathroom remodeling project is to leave your bathroom layout untouched. Updating or replacing features and fixtures without making changes to the overall layout of the room allows for much more budgetary elbow room than a complete renovation that changes everything about your bathroom from the ground up.

MYTH: Bathroom remodeling is slow and painful.

Bathroom remodeling is often considered a slow, painful, and inconvenient process. While it’s true that bathroom remodeling does take time and can leave you temporarily without a functional bathroom, the length and complexity of your bathroom remodel will depend on the changes you want to make. Completely revamping your bathroom will take much longer than simply updating your fixtures and replacing your toilet or tub. While a total remodel that removes everything and starts from scratch may take one to two months, simply updating your space without significant demolition can take as little as a week or less to complete. There are several ways to save time on any remodel as well, including making all your material and fixture choices before you get started to ensure the remodeling process proceeds smoothly without waiting for items to arrive.

MYTH: Bathroom remodeling isn’t worth the investment.

Remodeling your bathroom represents a significant time and financial investment in your home. Despite these costs, there are many rewards you’ll gain as a result. One of the immediate benefits of remodeling your bathroom is the opportunity to enjoy a more modern, comfortable, and convenient bathroom. The right bathroom layout and features will make both grooming and relaxing easier, helping to reduce stress and even minimize the amount of time you take getting ready each day. Furthermore, Remodeling Magazine found that bathroom remodels recouped as much as 65.7% of their original cost during home sales in 2016. This means that the money you invest in your bathroom today will come back to you over the long term by improving your home’s value and appeal if you put it on the market in the future.

Would you like to learn more about bathroom remodeling in the Pompano Beach area? Our bathroom and kitchen showroom has everything you need to update your home on any budget, including bathroom faucets, sinks, vanities, and accessories. You can check out our inventory on the web, where you’ll also find additional tips and inspiration for your remodel in our project gallery and on our monthly blog.