Should You Choose a Bath Screen?

Many smaller home bathrooms don’t have the space for a separate bathtub and shower enclosure. Fortunately, you can still enjoy the option to both shower and soak in a smaller bathroom by combining the shower and the bathtub into a single unit. However, finishing this space off with a shower curtain isn’t your only option—today, bath screens have risen to meet this challenge by offering a clean, modern look to any tub-and-shower combination piece. Bath screens consist of one or more panels of glass that help to contain water during showering to for safety and convenience. If you’re considering updating or improving the look of your bathroom, adding a bath screen could be the perfect simple solution to transform this space into a modern and luxurious room.

A Clear View

Bath screens are typically made from clear or frosted glass. They may incorporate one or more panels and can be installed with or without a frame, depending on the model you choose. A bath screen can offer a clear view through your bathroom, allowing you to see all the way to the shower surround. Even if you prefer a frosted screen, you’ll still receive light from behind the screen. This has the effect of opening up your bathroom space, making it feel larger, airier, and more welcoming. By contrast, a shower curtain closes off the tub and shower, eliminating this extra space from view, which can have the effect of making your bathroom appear smaller or more cramped. Many homeowners opt for bath screens because they simply open up the space for a bathroom that feels much larger.

A Layout Consideration

When deciding between a bath screen or other shower enclosure option, it’s important to consider the amount of space in your bathroom and the way in which the room is laid out. Most bath screens pivot or fold to allow easy access to the tub and shower. Thus, it’s important to make sure your bathroom can accommodate this motion, rather than risking chipping the screen’s glass or the tile behind it. Swiveling panels are great for larger bathrooms or rooms with layouts that can accommodate this range of motion. Smaller bathrooms may work better with a folding screen, which doesn’t require as much space beside the tub. Bath screens are available with grab bars and towel bars as well; if you’re short on space, these features can provide added storage and style all in one package.

A Functional Consideration

Glass bath screens are available in varying thicknesses, lengths, and shapes. The type of screen that is best for your bathroom will depend on a few factors, such as the height of your showerhead, the water pressure you prefer, and the size of your tub. Showerheads that are mounted at a significant height or provide varying pressures can benefit from thicker bath screens that extend at least half the length of the tub. This allows the screen to fully contain any water and splashing associated with bathing. By contrast, a simple rain showerhead or a smaller tub-and-shower feature may only need a smaller, shorter screen to sufficiently contain any moisture.

Bath screens are growing in popularity because of their beauty, their elegance, and their ease of use. You can explore our selection of bath screens, shower enclosures, and shower surrounds on our comprehensive website, as well as check out our design inspiration page and project gallery. If you’re looking for more bathroom remodeling ideas and options, please check out our monthly blog.


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