Getting Your Bathroom Remodel Rolling

Developing Your Budget

Budgeting is one of the most important and challenging aspects of bathroom remodeling. Some homeowners opt to start with a maximum amount they’re willing to spend, then work backward by dividing this budget into areas such as the bath, the shower, the vanity, and the hardware. Alternatively, you can start by taking a look at the areas on which you’d like to focus most, such as upgrading your shower or replacing an outdated vanity. Once you’ve taken these costs into consideration, you’ll get an idea of the minimum cost of your bathroom remodel, and you can then work upward if you’d like to make additional changes. When developing your remodeling budget, it’s helpful to talk to both bathroom contractors and the staff at your bathroom showroom to get an idea of your options and the ways you can cut or shuffle costs if you’re concerned with the numbers. Finally, don’t forget to budget for unforeseen situations, such as addressing hidden water damage or additional days of labor if the project runs slightly over the estimated timeline.

Developing Your Timeline

Bathroom remodeling can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the complexity of the remodeling project you want to undertake. Updating your fixtures and faucets without changing the basic layout of your bathroom may only take a short time, but completely replacing your shower, tub, and vanity will require significantly more time to complete. Only a bathroom contractor can give you an idea of the true time requirements needed to complete your remodel, which will depend on factors such as whether additional plumbing or electrical work is needed and the availability of the materials you want to install. One of the smartest ways to start a bathroom remodel is by developing your final design and ordering all the materials, fixtures, and other items you want installed. Waiting to start the demolition and remodeling process until all of your ordered items have arrived will reduce delays associated with waiting for the materials needed to proceed. You should also consider adding at least a few extra days to your timeline for unexpected issues, which may arise before or after work begins.

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Modern Bathroom Trends to Follow

A Fabulous Focal Point

Room design often centers around a focal point, which draws the eye and creates an anchor for the décor throughout the rest of the space. Carrying this idea into the bathroom allows you to select and show off your favorite feature, such as your bathroom vanity, your freestanding tub, or your shower surround. Even if you aren’t sure which particular bathroom feature you want to highlight, you can easily create a feature wall with a different color of paint or a standout piece of art. Once you’ve chosen your focal point, drawing from its design will help you select the colors, finishes, and style of the features you install in the rest of the room for a coherent and appealing final result.

A Monochrome Color Scheme

Monochrome color schemes are a timeless and elegant choice for any home bathroom. Choosing tile, cabinetry, and other features within the same color family will make your bathroom look more luxurious and ensure it will retain its value over time, regardless of the number of years you plan to remain in your home. Monochrome color schemes are also much more versatile than you might think—a single basic color scheme allows you to easily, quickly, and cheaply change up the style and feel of your bathroom via your bathroom accessories. Choosing new towels or artwork can instantly transform the atmosphere of your bathroom without requiring you to undertake a second remodel.

A Versatile Lighting Solution

Light plays a vital role in any room of your home, including the bathroom. Modern bathrooms make use of the concept of layering light, combining natural and artificial light sources to create a room that has depth, warmth, and appeal. Installing your shower or tub near a natural light source can make bathing more comfortable and appealing, while ensuring that your bathroom has ample and appropriate task lighting will create an ideal environment for grooming or applying makeup before a big night out. Installing lighting on dimmers and creating personalized lighting schemes is another modern trend that will help you get more from your bathroom. Adding low-voltage lighting to corners and niches will create a brighter bathroom that invites you to step inside, while also imbuing this space with a relaxing atmosphere designed to help you unwind after a long day of work or family responsibilities.

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Should All Your Bathroom Finishes Match?

Basic Rules for Choosing Bathroom Finishes

The finishes you choose for your faucets, fixtures, and hardware will play a significant role in the final look of your bathroom. Brighter finishes, such as chrome, reflect light and can open up a space to make it feel larger and airier. Darker finishes, such as oil-rubbed or brushed metals, imbue your bathroom with an Old World atmosphere and a luxurious, expensive feel. When choosing your bathroom finishes, look to the color and style of the other elements in your bathroom. Brighter hardware on a darker bathroom vanity can create a playful contrast, while dark-on-dark choices further underscore the elegance and luxury of your bathroom space. Installing the same finishes throughout your bathroom will create a cohesive look that will help the room feel finished and complete when you step through the door.

Tips for Breaking the Bathroom Finish Rules

While installing bathroom faucets and fixtures with the same finish throughout your bathroom may seem like the simplest solution, it is not always the best one. Homeowners often prefer a mixture of metals in the bathroom for personal or aesthetic reasons. Alternatively, you may have difficulty finding the hardware and faucets you like all within the same family of finishes. Although many interior designers do say it’s more difficult to mix and match finishes in the bathroom than the kitchen, it’s not impossible and is often quite fun for homeowners to find the perfect mix of metals and finishes for their bathroom renovation. One of the simplest ways to easily mix metals in the bathroom is to choose faucets, fixtures, and hardware with the same style, even if they feature different finishes. The similarity of style will tie these pieces together to overcome any difference in color and finish for a room that still feels complete. If you prefer an eclectic or collected look, mixing fixture styles and finishes will help you easily achieve this aesthetic. While this look thrives on highlighting your unique combination of styles and preferences, it’s still best to keep your choices down to two or three different metals to prevent the room from feeling haphazard, rather than intentional.

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Important Considerations When Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

The Type of Bathroom

The type of bathroom you’re remodeling should influence its ultimate floor plan and design. A powder room will feature a very different final look than a master bathroom, so it’s important to take the function of the bathroom into account before you start choosing fixtures, finishes, and appliances. Powder rooms are typically functional bathrooms that receive frequent everyday use; they also require only a toilet and sink to get this job done, especially if space is limited. By contrast, a guest or master bathroom should include a bathing area in addition to the toilet and sink. Master bathrooms also tend to feature larger bathroom vanities to provide both storage and counter space for daily grooming.

The Number of Occupants

The number of people likely to use a bathroom on a given day should also affect its design. Creating a bathroom layout that provides sufficient storage and space for the occupants who need it will ensure your remodeled bathroom is comfortable and convenient throughout the years. When designing a bathroom to serve several children or guests, for example, you may want to consider installing double sinks and a larger vanity to accommodate added storage and multiple occupants at the same time. By contrast, if you’re simply redesigning a powder room that will only serve a single occupant, you can instead focus on saving space by installing a pedestal sink or a smaller, less ornate bathroom vanity. Master bathrooms in particular are often designed with multiple occupants in mind; separating the toilet inside a water closet and designing a large, walk-in shower that can accommodate two is one of the best ways to ensure your master bathroom is not only comfortable for you, but appealing for future buyers as well.

The Style of Your Home

Bathrooms can benefit from a design that reflects the preferences found throughout the rest of your home. Creating a bathroom that meshes with the design of your living spaces will help to bring this room into step with your home as a whole. Carrying the aesthetic of your home into your bathroom ensures that this space feels like a coherent part of a bigger picture, rather than a disjointed afterthought. Even if you want to try out a bathroom design that differs from the style throughout the majority of your home, consider bringing in colors, textures, or patterns from your other living spaces to tie these rooms together in a subtle way.

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