Important Considerations When Planning Your Bathroom Remodel

The Type of Bathroom

The type of bathroom you’re remodeling should influence its ultimate floor plan and design. A powder room will feature a very different final look than a master bathroom, so it’s important to take the function of the bathroom into account before you start choosing fixtures, finishes, and appliances. Powder rooms are typically functional bathrooms that receive frequent everyday use; they also require only a toilet and sink to get this job done, especially if space is limited. By contrast, a guest or master bathroom should include a bathing area in addition to the toilet and sink. Master bathrooms also tend to feature larger bathroom vanities to provide both storage and counter space for daily grooming.

The Number of Occupants

The number of people likely to use a bathroom on a given day should also affect its design. Creating a bathroom layout that provides sufficient storage and space for the occupants who need it will ensure your remodeled bathroom is comfortable and convenient throughout the years. When designing a bathroom to serve several children or guests, for example, you may want to consider installing double sinks and a larger vanity to accommodate added storage and multiple occupants at the same time. By contrast, if you’re simply redesigning a powder room that will only serve a single occupant, you can instead focus on saving space by installing a pedestal sink or a smaller, less ornate bathroom vanity. Master bathrooms in particular are often designed with multiple occupants in mind; separating the toilet inside a water closet and designing a large, walk-in shower that can accommodate two is one of the best ways to ensure your master bathroom is not only comfortable for you, but appealing for future buyers as well.

The Style of Your Home

Bathrooms can benefit from a design that reflects the preferences found throughout the rest of your home. Creating a bathroom that meshes with the design of your living spaces will help to bring this room into step with your home as a whole. Carrying the aesthetic of your home into your bathroom ensures that this space feels like a coherent part of a bigger picture, rather than a disjointed afterthought. Even if you want to try out a bathroom design that differs from the style throughout the majority of your home, consider bringing in colors, textures, or patterns from your other living spaces to tie these rooms together in a subtle way.

If you’re ready to get started on your bathroom remodeling project in Pompano Beach, our experienced staff can help you choose the features, fixtures, and accessories that will work best in your new space. We carry everything from bathroom vanities, mirrors, and accessories to showers, tubs, and lighting. Please take a look through our website to find out more about us and the products we carry, or scroll through the rest of our blog archive for more tips, ideas, design guidance and renovating news.


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