Should All Your Bathroom Finishes Match?

Basic Rules for Choosing Bathroom Finishes

The finishes you choose for your faucets, fixtures, and hardware will play a significant role in the final look of your bathroom. Brighter finishes, such as chrome, reflect light and can open up a space to make it feel larger and airier. Darker finishes, such as oil-rubbed or brushed metals, imbue your bathroom with an Old World atmosphere and a luxurious, expensive feel. When choosing your bathroom finishes, look to the color and style of the other elements in your bathroom. Brighter hardware on a darker bathroom vanity can create a playful contrast, while dark-on-dark choices further underscore the elegance and luxury of your bathroom space. Installing the same finishes throughout your bathroom will create a cohesive look that will help the room feel finished and complete when you step through the door.

Tips for Breaking the Bathroom Finish Rules

While installing bathroom faucets and fixtures with the same finish throughout your bathroom may seem like the simplest solution, it is not always the best one. Homeowners often prefer a mixture of metals in the bathroom for personal or aesthetic reasons. Alternatively, you may have difficulty finding the hardware and faucets you like all within the same family of finishes. Although many interior designers do say it’s more difficult to mix and match finishes in the bathroom than the kitchen, it’s not impossible and is often quite fun for homeowners to find the perfect mix of metals and finishes for their bathroom renovation. One of the simplest ways to easily mix metals in the bathroom is to choose faucets, fixtures, and hardware with the same style, even if they feature different finishes. The similarity of style will tie these pieces together to overcome any difference in color and finish for a room that still feels complete. If you prefer an eclectic or collected look, mixing fixture styles and finishes will help you easily achieve this aesthetic. While this look thrives on highlighting your unique combination of styles and preferences, it’s still best to keep your choices down to two or three different metals to prevent the room from feeling haphazard, rather than intentional.

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