Getting Your Bathroom Remodel Rolling

Developing Your Budget

Budgeting is one of the most important and challenging aspects of bathroom remodeling. Some homeowners opt to start with a maximum amount they’re willing to spend, then work backward by dividing this budget into areas such as the bath, the shower, the vanity, and the hardware. Alternatively, you can start by taking a look at the areas on which you’d like to focus most, such as upgrading your shower or replacing an outdated vanity. Once you’ve taken these costs into consideration, you’ll get an idea of the minimum cost of your bathroom remodel, and you can then work upward if you’d like to make additional changes. When developing your remodeling budget, it’s helpful to talk to both bathroom contractors and the staff at your bathroom showroom to get an idea of your options and the ways you can cut or shuffle costs if you’re concerned with the numbers. Finally, don’t forget to budget for unforeseen situations, such as addressing hidden water damage or additional days of labor if the project runs slightly over the estimated timeline.

Developing Your Timeline

Bathroom remodeling can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the complexity of the remodeling project you want to undertake. Updating your fixtures and faucets without changing the basic layout of your bathroom may only take a short time, but completely replacing your shower, tub, and vanity will require significantly more time to complete. Only a bathroom contractor can give you an idea of the true time requirements needed to complete your remodel, which will depend on factors such as whether additional plumbing or electrical work is needed and the availability of the materials you want to install. One of the smartest ways to start a bathroom remodel is by developing your final design and ordering all the materials, fixtures, and other items you want installed. Waiting to start the demolition and remodeling process until all of your ordered items have arrived will reduce delays associated with waiting for the materials needed to proceed. You should also consider adding at least a few extra days to your timeline for unexpected issues, which may arise before or after work begins.

Are you just getting started on your Pompano Beach bathroom remodeling project? Stopping by our bathroom showroom is the best way to take an up-close look at today’s best bathroom faucets, fixtures, vanities, tubs, showers, and more. We’ll take the time to help you develop a smart remodeling plan that makes use of the best finishes, appliances, and styles for the result you want from your investment. You can check us out online for more ideas and inspiration, as well as a look through our extensive inventory of bathroom accessories, fixtures, and features. We also encourage you to click through our monthly blog for more tips to get you started.


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