A Look at the Pros and Cons of Single and Double Basin Sinks

Bathroom sinks come in numerous shapes and sizes. In fact, when most people start a bathroom remodeling project, they are surprised to learn how many options they have when picking their sinks. As you consider choices like pedestal sinks, wall-mounted varieties, and under-mounted options, one of the most important picks you will make is between a single and double basin. Which one is right for your bathroom? Here is what you need to know.

Double Basin Sinks


Single-basin sinks are extremely common and are the norm in many homes and apartments for good reasons. They take up less space, are easy to clean, and are very functional. They are also suitable for all types of bathrooms, from powder rooms to master baths. They come in a number of different varieties, including high-style models such as pedestal and wall-mounted. They are easily incorporated into bathroom vanities.

For some people, single-basin sinks have drawbacks. For bathrooms that are shared, only one person can use the sink at a time. Heavy usage means that they need to be cleaned more frequently and that the parts are prone to breaking down from wear-and-tear, especially when they are in a bathroom shared by a large family. Sharing a single-basin sink with someone else also means living with his or her level of cleanliness or always cleaning up after that person so that the sink meets your standards.


For people who have complaints about single-basin sinks, double basins can be the ideal solution. A double basin sink lets two people share a bathroom without having to share a sink. They are also available in a wide variety of models and styles and can be incorporated into bathroom vanities. When they are included in a vanity, the double basin inevitably means a larger counter, which gives you more room to store your items.

Size is the main drawback with double basin sinks. They take up more space, so the bathroom must be an adequate size to contain them. Two basins also mean more surface area that needs to be cleaned.

Picking the Right Sink

The right sink choice may come down to the bathroom you are renovating. There is a little use for a double-basin sink in a powder room, and a single sink is also ideal for an en-suite single bedroom and any small bathroom. For master bedrooms and buddy bathrooms, however, double-basin sinks reign supreme.

Whatever kind of sink you envision for your bathroom remodeling project, you can be sure we will have the right fit. Browse for sink options on our website, where you will also see the full range of our selection of bathroom fixtures. You can also visit our blog for more advice on planning a bathroom remodel.


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